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Game Killer APK Download Updated Version For Android

Install game killer apk, when you want to stop multinational Software of background program,maybe in the actual situation of Android moving operating system,you need to manage you application to avoid the damage of performance and battery. Game killer apk is my favorite application,it also including a plug-in,tap it once,you can close all the started applications.

Ignore List:you can put the app what you don’t want to stop into this list,so that when you use game killer apk to stop all task,the app which in the Ignore List will be ignored.
Auto Start:when you choose it,game killer apk will be Auto Started when you starting up.And it will make some unconcerned task to stop.Also you can make a shortcut to desktop.
Auto-Kill:It’s a greatful and useful setting.You can choose to make game killer apk still work and stop the Software of background program when you phone is off.

Do you know that your phone runs slowly when there are too many background apps?
Do you want to speed up your phone with just one click?

Game killer Apk can help you to kill (close or stop) the running apps of your phone, free up the memory and increase the speed of your phone!

game killer apk

GameKiller APK Features:
* Kill selected apps or games: You can select the running apps and kill them with just one click.
* Auto Kill: Kill the apps automatically to prevent the apps to restart after being killed. Keep your phone in good condition all the time.
* Ignore List: Add or remove app from ignore list so that you can filter important apps.
* Memory status: Show the usage of your total memory, and show the usage of every running apps so that you know which app consumes the most memory. Have a look at Goat Simulator APK and Snapchat APK for more fun.

Gamekiller APK Ultimate Cheats

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Game Killer APK Download

Updated: May 27, 2016 — 1:54 pm

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