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The “FREEDOM Apk!” app is a globally available human trafficking mobile application that empowers individual victims and communities to anonymously and safely report cases of human/child sex trafficking in 10 languages at three main levels:
– Victims
– Trafficker
– Suspicious ActivityThe “FREEDOM Apk!” app is part of Orphan Secure’s big data initiative that aims to identify and rescue victims of human trafficking as well as target human trafficking organizations and bring them to justice in cooperation with trusted law enforcement agencies and other NGOs. Information sent via the “FREEDOM Apk!” app is received by Orphan Secure and the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Cell (AHTIC) where the information is then processed, analyzed and disseminated to allow for direct action by interested parties.


It is not possible for us or another trusted partner in the fight against trafficking to be everywhere at once. That is why we need you and for you to use freedom apk lollipop app. With your help we can increase the reach of our information gathering and spread our net wider everyday to help identify victims and catch those criminals responsible for human / child sex trafficking.

The “FREEDOM Apk!” app allows for individuals to be a part of a community based response, one of the most effective ways of combating any serious problem. Many have asked how they can be a part of this fight. Be more observant and help us put an end to modern day slavery!! So Grab Freedom Apk and see what you can do with this app.

Updated: May 27, 2016 — 1:57 pm

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